For the most part all a ZSQL method does is used some specialized DTML
syntax to contruct a string that is your SQL query. You can create a ZQL
method, say "GenericSQL", that has 1 parameter, let's call it
"SQLStatement", whose sole DTML statement is "<dtml-var SQLStatement>".

To use it you would do this:

<dtml-in "GeneicSQL(SQLStatement='select * from the_table where the_var =

You can replace the literal string with a string variable like from a filed
on a form where you entered you SQL statement.

I use this method extensively.

Jim Sanford

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This is one of the first times I'm working with Zope and databases.

Until now - if I wanted to work with a databse, i always created a Z SQL
method that I called from my DTML-method via

    <dtml-call "add_item(param1 = ..., param2 = ..., param3 = ...,
...">    (for example)
or <dtml-in get_items> ... </dtml-in>              (for example)

In the Z SQL method 'add_item' or 'get_items', my SQL statement are defined.

My question is now:

Do I have to define one Z SQL Method for every SQL statement I want to
perform on my database or is it possible to define SQL-statements and
database requests in my DTML-method?

Am I missing something? Any idea? Thanks a lot.

Regards, Marc

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