Sorry for sending out this one again.  I actually send out couple email
to ask this question.  However, I still couldn't fix this problem.
(Thanks Rik Hoekstra for the help)  Did anyone got in the similar
situation before?

My problem is with the IIS + PCGI + ZOPE.

The mechine I try to setup is NT 4.0 with sp 5, and IIS 4
It is actually our web site server which is currently hosting couple
It has multi-domain, multi-ips ( I don't know if this is the problem)

I follow the HowTo for Zope.pcgi, start up with -p zope.pcgi, and bind
the extension for .pcgi in IIS to pcgi-wrapper.exe %s
which I am sure it work because I test it first on a test mechine.

However I got "cannot lock database file" error.
I check the proccess and var\z2.pid and var\pcgi.pid.  When the browser
access zope.pcgi .. IIS bring up pcgi-wrapper.exe which is correct I
However, through the task manager/Proccess, I found out that another
python.exe is started up.  It seems pcgi-wrapper.exe try to bring up
pcgi_publisher.py itself.
and var\pcgi.pid got change to a different pid.

Then, I follow what I found on the mail archive and set the
where dummy.py is just a empty file with size 0.

Test again, I got error (102) cannot connect.

I guess the problem is when Zope is init and startup, somehow the PCGI
server(is it pcgi_publisher.py?) doesn't startup properly or even
crashed.  Therefore when pcgi-wrapper.exe try to connect, it found
nothing, and therefore it starts its own PCGI server or got a no
connection error as above.

Althought I have this guess!  I have no idea how to find out what's
going wrong during Zope start up.

I read something about the pcgifile.py
so I try
python pcgifile.py c:\zope\zope.pcgi
and I got
module not found

I don't know where I can go from this point up.
Or any suggestion that may be my guess it totally wrong and I should fix
it in another path?


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