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> Subject: Re: [Zope] Problem with adding items to ZClass instance

> I looked at it, and found it fishy. The strange thing is, I tried to
> reproduce it, but I can't. To be sure I added a tiny table plus to an
> instance not a straight tiny table and a ZODBC adapter, but I
> doubt whether
> this would make a difference. Anyway, they both work straight
> away. This is
> getting very strange indeed. It seems strange things are happening to your
> namespace.
> I can think of some things that may cause problems, but this is all
> speculation.
> This may be a bug, but then it's a special one. Anything special
> about your
> ZClass - what does it derive from (just objectmanager? anything else that
> might cause strange behaviour?).
> Is there a subobjects tab in it's definition? Are the products in there?

I don't think there's anything "special" about my ZClass.  It's derived from
Catalog Aware and ObjectManager.  I believe I reproduced it without the
Catalog Aware and got the same results.

I'm using Andy Dustman's version of the MySQLDA and TinyTable v0.8.2.  They
both work just fine once I get the objects in the right place.  Maybe the
problem just happens to be with these two products, but I have no clue.

You're welcome to fetch the product at
ftp://ftp.logicetc.com/pub/Zope/IssueTracker.zexp if you want to give it a
look.  It's a one day throw-together port of the issue tracking system used
by the PHP project with modifications for my own needs.


Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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