I don't know of a ZPatterns "Hello, World". I remember feeling quite
pleased when I managed to get a ZClass instance added to a Rack. Of course,
how one would define "Hello, world" in the context of ZPatterns, I'm not
sure. I haven't yet had a chance to use 0.4, so this example won't mention
DataSkins. You could do something like this:

create a ZClass
add a Specialist
add a Rack
set the storage for that Rack to your ZClass
add a PythonMethod to the Specialist that calls newItem(ObjID) and then sets
some properties on that ZClass

Then, you can go to http://yoursite/Specialist/ObjID and take a look at your
ZClass. Congratulations! You've now replicated the functionality of a Folder

(Of course, the Rack uses BTrees, so you can store any number of objects in
there, unlike a Folder.)

Once you have objects in your Rack, you can start playing with attribute
providers and such. Plug-ins still need to be written in Python.



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> I am trying to wrap my head around ZPatterns--I am hoping to use it in a
> project I am currently working on. Unfortunately, I'm not doing too well.
> :-)
> Is there a, "Hello ZPatterns World." example out there, anywhere, that
> shows the simplest usage of the framework? It would do me tremendous good
> to see a working example.

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