when things happen that I have no understanding of their cause I get a
little scared.

I started up zope this morning, it seemed to open normally.
(I am running zserver and zope on  a win98 machine)
However when I went to access the site through the web, the server would
shut down.

I have recently exported the app. that I was working on, which makes me
happy but I need to get it back up and working asap.  What information do I
need to get the bottom of this?
I don't know how to copy and paste from a dos window, so I will transcribe
what I can see, hopefully someone can tell me where I might look next! (I
have taken out all the directory structure from the filenames)

File "...\ZServer\medusa\asyncore.py", line 321, in handle_error
File "..\ZServer\HTTPServer.py", line 356, in close p.more() #free up
resources held by producer
File "..\ZServer\Producers.py", line 108, in more getattr(self.logger,
File "..\ZServer\medusa\http_server.py", line 275, in log, _ _ [%s] "%s" %d
"%s" "%s"\n' % (  LOG STUFF???? )....
IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

Oh I feel rotten, way out of my depth!  I just want zope to work!!!
Not really sure where to start, will reinstalling the whole thing write over
my data?
I guess I have it backed up, but still...

thanks for ANY help!!

josh on

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