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> I have reinstalled zope and zodb, and copied the data.fs across.  It was
> about two days old.  All the changes that I had made were gone.  Luckily I
> made a backup of my app yesterday by exporting it.
> I must have a bad understanding of how this works.  I had imagined that
> everytime I hit CHANGE, that the data.fs file would have been updated.

That is how it is supposed to work, yes.  If the data really isn't in your
Data.fs (as opposed to being there, but inaccessible somehow) then that's a
serious Zope bug.  This may sound stupid, but have you tried using a
different browser or aggressively clearing the cache on your current
browser?  Sometimes a browser has handed me a days-old folder contents view
from its cache, but refreshing fixes it.

> When the computer crashed where were all my current changes?  Is there a
> temp file I might be able to recover, as I am still missing quite a few
> hours work!

You should take another copy of your original Data.fs and run Tranalyzer on
it (http://www.zope.org/Members/tsarna/Tranalyzer) for clues as to what's
really in it.  If it shows no transactions more recent than the two-days old
ones, let us know.

> The lesson that I have learnt is to back up regularly by exporting.  Is
> the right conclusion?

Backups are never a bad idea.  You shouldn't have to export, though;
copying Data.fs, even while the system is running, should give you a good


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