Title: Pointers in zope ??? object1 --> object2


I am trying to figure out how I can find a way to implement pointers in Zope.
In other words, I would like to be able that the content of an attribute reference another object.
 object1 --> object2
and say for instance: object1.aaa := object2
and then get this object with object1.aaa

I have spent a lot of time, looking for instance how the name space work.

I had thought for instance that I would create a string field in which I would store
the id of the other object. But the problem, is that I do know how to get
the object from this id in the system, unless it belongs to the same namespace.

I had also thought that I could store in this field, the url of the object.
From this url, I would then be able to get the object.
(since you can call an kind of method by  <url-of-the-object>/<mymethod>)
But it didn't work.
For instance
<dtml-with  <url-of-the-object>>
raise an error.

eventually, you can imagine that you can access an object specified in a absulute way
by using """"plenty"""" of dtml-with.
for instance for accessing the /root/b/c/d/e object, we would use
<dtml-with root>
  <dtml-with b>
    <dtml-with c>
      <dtml-with d>
          <dtml-with e>

But really this is too complicate, and really can not be implemented.

Do you know an answer to this question.
I can not believe that this is not possible, given the OO approach of zope, and the fact that it relies on python.


Thierry Nabeth
Research Fellow
INSEAD CALT (the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies)

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