Rajil Saraswat writes:
 > On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Rajil Saraswat wrote:
 > i had sent this message. may be some of you had overlooked it,so here it
 > is again. please answer to this, as it is very important for me to switch
 > to zope.
You seem not to be patient ;-)

 >  1. Can zope do basic site management. for example missing link checks. say
 >  if we call an object which doesnt exist. can zope show us where we have
 >  gone wrong.(without actually checking each and every object manually)
There is a tool called "wget", which is not related to Zope.
It allows to recursively visit (and download) any WWW hierarchy.

Called with normal arguments, it will have problems with
Zope folders ("missing trailing / in the URL").
However, about a month ago, someone posted an argument
that should work with Zope.

I, myself, did not yet work with "wget" and cannot help
you more. Look into the archives.

 >  2. I have large number of small html documents(17,000). I want them to go
 >  in a database. can we automate this in zope to be uploaded it in the
 >  database.
I assume, you think of the Zope database ZODB.
If not, put it into the database by any means that the database

You can use the product "LoadSite" to put lots of files
into ZODB with a single call.

 >  3. Say, i want to use a zope enable webiste on a non zope enabld server,
 >  so i need all the objects(e.g. html files) from the database to come out
 >  as files. can we do this(sort of Zope to non zope convertion)
You want to look at "wget" (see above).
You will loose all dynamic features, such as e.g. database access
(now I speak about relational databases not the ZODB).

 >  4. Which file do i need to upload to the isp end from the programmer
 >  end ,to make the site  work. If we have to upload a single database it
 >  will take a lot of time. is there any incremental upload facility
 >  available. i have only ftp access with my ISP.
This question is not clear.

When you want to use Zope at the ISP, it must be installed there.

If it is installed there, you can use "LoadSite" or (maybe)
FTP (if ZServer with FTP is running) to load your
pages into Zope.

 >  5. i need to build a directory like site somewhat like yahoo!, is there
 >  any toolkit available for it in zope.
Have a look at "ZTopic".


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