I have a problem using ZDiscussions -
First up, i'd like to whine a bit.
Which product should i use to add a Discussion component to my site?
Confera? ZDConfera? ZDiscussions? ZUBB? Squishdot? PTK? Was the Zope 'Portal' deliberately designed to obfuscate the choices available and their respective pros/cons, as well as to make it practically impossible to find useful documentation, or has it just happened this way?
I'm just about ready to give up on Zope and go back to hacking Perl, because, even though i have to write 10 times as much difficult-to-read code to get a job done, at least i know that the job is doable, doable in a way that suits me, and that if there is a module to do what i want to do, it will be findable and documented on CPAN.
I don't like to whine, and i think Zope promises to be a great product, and i am persevering with it because i think it will (once i get implemetation out of the way) make me a great intranet. Many thanks to the developers, you have, on the whole, done a wonderful job.
Anyway, my problem is this:
I have a ZDiscussion set up in a folder (off the root folder) called TMLDiscussion.
I want to put the contents of the discussion in the index_html method of my root folder.
So, i put the following in my root index_html method:
<dtml-with TMLDiscussion>
(normally there would be code beteen those two tags to output a dtml-tree of messages in the TMLDiscussion object)
Even with nothing between the dtml-with tags, i get this error:
Error Type: NameError
Error Value: r
Whats going on? And how do i display the discussion on my index page?
Thanks for any Help

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