Title: RE: [Zope] Pointers in zope ??? object1 --> object2 ==> "REQUEST.resolve_url('my_url')"

Thank you David,

I really would have had difficulties finding it myself.

<dtml-with "REQUEST.resolve_url('http://zope-server/path to the object')">
  <dtml-var method_to_call>
  Error in resolve_url: unable to get the object from the url.
  <br>does the url matches the REQUEST.script: <dtml-var "REQUEST.script"> ?

In the resolve url, you have to be carefull that
zope-server is exactly the same as the machine name.
More specifically zope-server has to be the same as REQUEST.script
or it will generate an error.

Thierry Nabeth
Research Fellow
INSEAD CALT (the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies)

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On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, NABETH Thierry wrote:
> Please, let me know if you remember of anything that could help me
> to identify the way to get the object from an url.

Looks like it's 'REQUEST.resolve_url(<path>)'.


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