For background purposes, I need to write a python module that will generate an
MD5 hash of a given string, and return the base 64 representation of that hash. 
The problem I am facing is getting my stub to work from my DTML document.  What
I have write now is a stub that takes no arguments and returns "Hello, World". 
When I click Try It from the management screen, it works fine, but I can't seem
to make it work from the DTML doc.  This is what Iv'e tried (I'm still pretty
new so I'm making wild guesses :)

<dtml-call genhash>

This produces nothing.  I think I read somewhere that dtml-call returns no data,
so that might explain it.  I could be wrong.

<dtml-var genhash>

This produces a KeyError.  It seems like I've tried a couple of other manglings,
but what they were escapes me for the moment.  I'm not passing a parameter right
now, cuz I wanted to simplify things once I found out it wasn't going to work
like I expected it to.  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a better place to start
than this list?  I have the content manager's guide and the dtml reference, but
I can't find anything helpful.  The ID for the external method is md5 in case
that helps.  Thanks a lot!

Jason Lee - Programmer/Analyst
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