Felipe Alvarez Harnecker writes:
 > I need to query if one folder has sub-folders in it or not.
You can use the "tpValues" method.
It is used by the "tree" tag to determine whether or not
the node can be expanded.

 > I want to manipulate every object returned by the "tree" tag like this
 > <dtml-tree bla bla ..>
 >  <dtml-let myObject="tree object">
 >    <dtml-var myObject.someProperty_or_method_or_something>
 >  </dtml-let>
 > </dtml-tree>
A look at the tree tag code in "TreeDisplay.TreeTag" convinced
me, that (unlike "dtml-in") "dtml-tree" does not provide
a direct reference to the rendered object.
You may (or may not) have luck and the rendered object has
a "this" method (many Zope objects have).
Then you can use "this()" as a reference to the object.
You must take care for cases, when "this" does not exist.

I think, "dtml-tree" should define "tree-item" in analogy to
the "dtml-in"'s "sequence-item".
This is a low priority feature request, I will put into
the locator, if I do not forget it.


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