Hi All,

Here's the situation

I have a tree such that


where content is:


        <dtml-var standard_html_header>
        <tr><td><dtml-var text_object_1 fmt=structured-text></td></tr>
        <tr><td><dtml-var text_object_2 fmt=structured-text></td></tr>
        <dtml-var standard_html_footer>


        Just some text of text_object_1


        Just some text of text_object_1


        Just some text which is different from /text_object_1


        Just some text which is different from /text_object_2

The effect I would like to achieve is:
when user access http://myserver/, 
content of /text_object_1 and /text_object_2 will be shown
while user access http://myserver/subfolder/, 
content of /subfolder/text_object_1 and /subfolder/text_object_2

The point is that there's no index_html in /subfolder
so /index_html will be acquested and by default it displays 
content of /text_object_1 and /text_object_2

The question is: we got text_object_1 and text_object_2 in /subfolder
how could I let the acquested index_html in subfolder to use the
objects inside the subfolder?

If my desired effect could be achieved, that would be very useful
as the whole site could use a master template at root, changing objects
inside folder could show different content. While changing the root
index_html will change the layout of the whole site

Otherwise we have to put the same "index_html" inside every folder
so that default view of folders will show their containing object content.

If this is not easy, is there any other way to achieve the same effect?
I don't want to use something like "http://myserver/?c=some_parameters"
which is my current implementation (where site structured is not preserved
or shown by URL)



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