This is (mostly) the point if Zieve:

the good news is it's much more powerful
than 'sort='. The bad news is it's much more complex
than 'sort='. It also (currently) uses a cookie
for each Zieve instance. I'd love any feedback on
making this product more useful/friendly.


>>>>> "Dieter" == Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dieter> Zoper writes:
    >> ..., however I would like to sort on different key by different
    >> paramenter...
    >> something like "... sort=REQUEST['sort_by'] ..." (doesn't work)
    >> where sort_by from URL parameter maybe "id", "title", "getSize"
    >> or "bobobase_modification_time", etc...
    Dieter> This is a known weakness.

    Dieter> AFAIK, there is currently no way to treat values for
    Dieter> "sort" as expressions.  You may try,

    Dieter>     ... sort="REQUEST['sort_by']" ...

    Dieter> (note the "..."!), but it will probably not work.

    Dieter> It, obviously, is useful, but I believe nobody has
    Dieter> implemented it yet.

    Dieter> Dieter

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