I dont have one off hand, I usually use the built in browser based editor.
I'll setup one up over the weekend (I've done it in the past for asp and
such, so its old hat for me)

Does anyone know of a good (free!) java applet based text editor?  Something
with basic color tagging abilities and maybe even (gasp) a spell checker,
search/replace, etc?  If there is one, we could mod it to spit its output as
a form post, and hus have a great built-in editor for most browsers...

Also, its not XML compliant either, but I have a shorter dtml syntax patch
available for download at:


it is a really small patch, and just allows <: to replace <dtml- or <!--#
inside your documents, such as in the snippet below:

<:var foo>
<:if expr="la=lala">
So you think la and lala are the same!?
Ah, so you see a diffrence!

it just leads to less typing.  Comming from the asp/php world (as of late, I
also do C and Perl<G>), I got used to typing a lot less characters to switch
from markup to scripting, and so figured I'd dive in and make this change...
My 'wordfile.txt' for ultraedit will include this alternate syntax too.

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Hi Jon,

Regarding Ultra-edit32

// and the file 'wordlist.txt' it uses can be
// edited easily to
// add new tags or keywords, or to define whole new languages of tags and
// keywords.

Have you created a 'wordlist.txt' file that handles the DTML tags?  If so,
would you mind sharing it?



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