> I've tried this again.  When I access the manage page, an 
> Import/Export
> tab at folder / comes up, and then Python.exe dies with an NT 
> exception
> which is a stack overflow :-(
> Same thing happened with 2.2.0b1.


Do you have another (clean, preferably SP4) NT machine available 
to you to test with? I cannot reproduce on any of a fair number 
of NT boxes available to me, which leads me to believe that 

  1 the problem is a difference in our Zope installations 
    (i.e. installed products) 


  2 we each have a different set of gremlins active in our NT

(1) should be fairly simple to diagnose. If you install a fresh, 
clean b2 on your NT box and start it with the *default* database 
and _no_ third party products installed, do you get these odd 
crashes? If not, then the next step is to determine which product 
is activating the problem.

If you still crash with a totally clean install and using the 
default object database, then I don't know what else to do but 
assume (2) :(.

> Also, if I try to access any pages that use SQLSession ( an older
> version ), I get authentication challenges from ZopeSecurityPolicy.py
> when I use the getName() method of the session object.  Hopefully this
> will go away if I upgrade to the latest version.

Hopefully, but there is a possibility that some products may 
need to be updated to behave correctly in the tighter security 
policies in 2.2. I have as action for me to post a guide for 
product developers on monday that advise product authors on 
how to update their products if they are affected.

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