> I have unsuccessifully been trying to figure out ou to get the type of an
> object
> from withing html.

are you talking about a ZOPE object? remember if you are a DTML Method your
'meta_type' will return the container object (it doenst have its own

you could try
<dtml-with object>
  <dtml-var meta_type>

> Python is supposed to have a function type(object) that return the type,
> but I was not able to find a way to call it. (and I would rather prefere
> to have
> to define an external function.).

would you please elaborate.... what are you trying to determine the type of?

> My problem seems to have to do with the Zope namespace (which model I
> believe is
> a real pain in the ass :-(((().

I agree.  _[_['blah']] is probably the nastiest thing I've ever seen.  and
then someone will start adding lambdas to it and it will be all crap to
maintain from there... :(  eventually the namespace will be explained and
documented better, this is mainly a python/ZOPE framework idea that needs to
be experienced.  I still dont 100% get it.  I can usually make things work,
but sometimes I just dont quite 'get it'.

> Any suggestion, ideas ?

be abit more specific, you using python methods,. external methods, or
trying to do this from within DTML?


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