Hi Roché

> Thanks Pierre
> This is a relief, I really didn't want to switch back to pcgi.  I have
> worked a little bit with the rewritemodule but if anybody has an example on
> how to do this it would really be helpfull.
> Roché

I don't know if it help, but....
My problem was to serve any request to Apache to the ZServer, and to change
the URL like that:
http://path/file.html    (Apache server)
http://path:8080/?file.html (ZServer, with the file as a query_string)

and I wanted it to be transparent . So, I matched all the URLs with htm and
html extension to modify them.
The first thing u have to do is defining the regular expression which will
match the URL you want to serve as a proxy
then u can insert, and modify your URL (which will be served transparently
with the [P] flag.

the big problem is to find a way to match what u want, the syntax is horrible
(I passed a whole day on these three lines).

for more informations about rewrite_mod:


my example: (4 lines in the httpd.conf file!!!! this is very powerfull)

#Attention: ici insrtion des regles de reecriture avec mod_write
RewriteEngine        on

RewriteRule        ^(^([^/]*/)*)([^/]*\.htm)$  http://margo.ina.fr:8080$1?$3
[P] # fichiers HTM
RewriteRule        ^(^([^/]*/)*)([^/]*\.html)$  http://margo.ina.fr:8080$1?$3
[P] # fichiers html
RewriteRule        ^(^([^/]*/)*)$ http://margo.ina.fr:8080$1 [P]   # pas de
fichier demande (pages sommaires Zope)

I hope it help u!

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