>I'm working on what should be a simple problem.
>I pulling an address out of an ldap query and the data is in the form of a
>$-separated string. Example:
>101 Main St.$Anytown$MN$12345
>Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I could probably do <dtml-call
>"REQUEST.set('parsed_address', _.string.join(old_address, '$')"> except for
>the fact that getting "old_address" (the $-separated one) would require its
>own <dtml-var old_address> statement. I can't nest <dtml>s so how to I
>combine these?

I'm not sure I get you right.
try something like (untested):

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('parse_address', _string.split(old_address, '$')">

for parsing the string

>Second question... Once I've got my string parsed into a list called
>"parsed_string", what's the syntax for accessing certain elements of the

By slicing:

<dtml-call "parsed_string[0]">

gets you the first element parsed_string[1] the second etc

parsed_string[1:] is everything after the second ;-) element of the list

parsed_string[:5] is everything up to element 6

parsed_string[1:5]  is everything from element 2 to element 6

parsed_string[-1] is the last element of the list.

If you want to know more, you should probably look at the Python docs, as
this is Python stuff.

>P.S. Maybe I should do this in an external or python method, but I thought
>it would be overkill for a single operation like this. Am I wrong?

No, I think you're right, but others may disagree.



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