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| Hi, anyone know how to bypass the dtml-code, that's because i'm writing a
| howto with showing the use of some "dtml-tags" so it tries to interpreting
| it rather than only showing them.

It's easy:-

Make a method called 

printCode which contains one line:

<dtml-return "CodeToPrint">

Then to display a method or a document:-

<dtml-var "printCode(CodeToPrint=standard_html_header)">

Will print your standard_html_header, you will probably want

<dtml-var "printCode(CodeToPrint=standard_html_header)" newline_to_br>

The advantage of this, is that you can use actual methods (if you're doing
a tutorial). So when you change the method, your documentation updates itself.

If you just want to pass strings into printCode, you can do that too.

<dtml-var "printCode(CodeToPrint='<dtml-var FunnyVar>')">

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