I have put objects inside a folder tabledef and would like to refer them :

<dtml-in "_.getitem('tabledef').objectItems(['DTML Document'])" sort=id
    <dtml-var "_['sequence-item']" html_quote>

However, this does not work, But putting the objects in the current folder
works without problems:

<dtml-in "objectItems(['DTML Document'])" sort=id>
    <dtml-var "_['sequence-item']" html_quote>

I also try:

<dtml-with tabledef>
<dtml-in "objectItems(['DTML Document'])" sort=id>
   <dtml-var "_['sequence-item']">

and some other combinations, all without success.

How can I access the objects (DTML DOCUMENTS) inside a folder?

Moreover, I would like to do the following:

I have some properties of an object abc which have same name with the object
ids in the tabledef folder, I would also lookup the objects' properties :

<dtml-in propertyMap mapping>
   <dtml-with tabledef.id>
      <dtml-var help>
     <dtml-var taborder>

Assume abc have a property address, then there should be a dtmldoc call
address in tabledef, which have properties "help" and "tableorder". I would
like to retrieve them.

Can somebody help me with these?


Kent Sin

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