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Subject: [Zope] Newbie: String work

> Simple stuff from the simple people today: string manipulation.
> I have a string variable which has various chunks delimited by double 
> tildes ~~. In order to do what I need to do, I need to extract the 
> section of the string after the last double-tilde, so that
> "fred~~bloggs" returns "bloggs"
> "fred" returns "fred"
> "fred~~bloggs~aardvark" returns "aardvark"
> I can see that rfind is the thing I need to use, but as usual (gah! 
> newbie!) I'm stuck on the syntax.  Help!

Maybe is a little strange , but should work (I hope:)

<dtml-let a="'abc~~ABC~~s'">
<dtml-var "a[((_.string.rfind(a,'~~')+1) or-1  )+1:]">

Or maybe is better to use split, is more readable

<dtml-var "_.string.split(a,'~~')[-1]">


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