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> However, search as I might, I cannot figure out how to delete an item
> once it's been created. On gut instinct, I figured there would be a
> deleteItem() to complement the newItem() method. No such luck.
> What am I missing? Is there a management tab I'm not clicking on 
> somewhere? A method I haven't found? A clue I don't have? :-)

call the manage_delete() method on the object. That is, you ask the
object to delete itself.

getItem() and newItem() aren't methods of the objects because it doesn't
make sense...  if you have the item, you don't need to get it.  And you
can't ask an object that doesn't exist yet to create itself :-). 
However, once you have the object, operations on the object should be
done as methods on the object. 

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