Hi David,

Thank you for the thoughtful response..
I agree that having KInterbasdb would not solve our DA problem, but at
least it would let me use the new Interbase Storage option..

A few people have been successful doing this, (compiling KInterbasdb
with IB6beta) perhaps one of them could write up a HowTO?

Thank you.
Chris Beaumont

David Trudgett wrote:
> At 2000-06-23 11:40 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hello..
> >
> >I hope this isn't asking too much...
> >
> >Can someone who has successfully compiled Kinterbasdb for use with Zope
> >make non-programmer-friendly information on how to compile it for the
> >current glibc and Version of Interbase (6.0 beta) available? I haven't
> >been having any luck and my email to the author has bounced..
> Even having Kinterbasdb compiled would not be the end of our problems. I
> believe a DA (Database Adapter) for Zope would still need to be written,
> and that would be a reasonably onerous task (even though there's a howto
> that says it's easy -- all things are relative I suppose). Given that
> you're a non-programmer, the task is well-nigh impossible. (I'm a
> programmer myself, but I don't think I have the required experience in
> database API programming/Zope/Python to make it reasonably feasible for me
> to do it (though I would like to, because I would like to access InterBase
> database(s) from within Zope).
> I understand that the InterBase people are interested in getting InterBase
> working with Zope, and there is/was even an initiative to bring Zope and
> InterBase close together so that InterBase could serve the function that
> the ZODB currently fulfills. The InterBase people themselves are, of
> course, flat out at present getting version 6 ready for release within the
> next few days (unless they break their stated deadline of the end of June).
> A possible work-around until an InterBase DA is available, might be to use
> IBPerl and Perl CGI or mod_Perl under Apache to read the InterBase database
> and output the required results, but wrap those results with Zope stuff
> (using SiteAccess, i believe). I'm only just starting to think about doing
> this myself, so don't ask me for any more detail than that! (Unfortunately,
> that suggestion may be a bit difficult if you don't program in Perl.)
> Good luck.
> David Trudgett

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