On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 10:42:01PM +0200, Rik Hoekstra wrote:
> >Just noticed that (_.None,_, gets rendered as (.None,, in a structrued
> >text wiki. Not useful :/
> Hm, in a structuredtextdtml Wiki (such as the Zope edu Wiki) this works. See
> the SandBox there http://www.zope.org/Wikis/zope-edu/SandBox. So I can't
> reproduce it now.

You are only testing _.None, not _.None,_, which is the problem, see below. I
changed your test to include the other underscore to illustrate the point.

> >I've got around this by doing ('_'.None,_, but that's not really the
> >right idea.
> >
> >Does anyone know of the proper way of escaping this?

The ZWiki tries to render anything between '_' (underscore) charaters as
underlined. So _.None,_ indeed gets rendered as <u>.None,</u>. Nowhere is the
ZWiki trying to interpret this as a WikiName. 

Indeed, the only thing I can thus think of (apart from quoting the
underscores), is quoting the whole sentence, '_.None,_'. This may be desirable
in this case, as it supposedly is a code example anyway. Doubly underscoring
the line (and live with the underlining), doesn't work, BTW.

I updated the above SandBox to illustrate.

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