Being a newbie, I've decided to use the KM|net News product as a base to get my magazine/newspaper site off the ground. I've found it OK so far, but one of the problems I'm having is adding old (ie archived) articles to the database. I go in and create a new KMYear (1999) and a new month (1). When I get to the "add KMArticle" and try and enter an Id (even with 9 numbers), I get an Invalid date/time string error. How can I create valid Id's? Once I have a valid Id, I assume I'll be able to create an article (incoming.html?)
I'd also like to get rid of the "By" (my authors don't identify themselves) and the date/time stamp. Where do I find the code for this?
Also, is there any way of getting around the fact that you have to approve an article. In the 'Editing Articles" section of the documentation, you're told you "will recieve a message with a link to the edit page of that article. As I don't have SMTP access, I can't specify the mailhost which means I can't approve the article.
Lastly, once I have the articles in there, how do I make them "belong" to a particular section?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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