Title: OT: MS Outlook sucks

...but you already knew that didn't you?

First, an apology for previously sending MIME/html crap to
the list, even after being told about it and after I thought
I had it turned off, and another apology for this OT message
while I'm at it.

I think I've got it now.  Using OL2k(CW) here, and I had set
"plain text" everywhere I could find to set it.  After
visiting the Zope mailing list archives today, I was alarmed
to find that I was *still* sending out MIME/html attachments.
(A hearty thanks to the list members for not beating me up
about this.)  I checked the messages in my Sent box and these
very same MIME/html attachement messages were listed as
having been sent in plain text.  Grrr...

After much bitching, whining and research, I stumbled across
what is possibly a fix.  It seems that OL2k requires Outlook
Express for some of its functionality, especially some aspects
of handling SMTP (Internet) e-mail.  I've never used OE for
anything (on purpose), but I fired it up and checked the
format for sending messages.  It was set to html.  It's now
set to plain text.  So maybe, just *maybe* its fixed now.
(If it's not, then I've got some more bitching and whining
to do...)

I'm hoping this info might help anyone else here who may be
having this problem.


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