Hi Zopistas-

I have problem that I hope that there's an answer to.  Perhaps this has been
covered on this list already, but I couldn't find it by searching the NIP archives
and 800+ results for "ZCatalog" was mind-numbing.....

I have two ZCatalog searches on the same page (in the same DTML method). Each
has different fields so they have different numbers of results displayed in two 

This works just fine.

What's wierd is that the 'batch_size' code interacts between the two-- if the size of 
first table's  set of  results is < batch size and the size of the second table's 
is > batch size then the second table has a "next N results" link.  If I click this 
the second table dutifully displays the next data set.  BUT- the first table just 
displays the
LAST item it had displayed before.

>From a quick glance at the way that ZCatalog works, it seems as if this behaviour 
be correct; and the batching code in the ZC can't handle more than one set of results 
associated with a single DTML method. But I am by no means sure of my interpretation
of the python code here.

Anyone have any insights?


Jeff Sasmor

PS. For those Zopistas who are MontyPythonistas: I get to see "Eric Idle exploits 
Monty Python" tonite (weds 6/28) at Carnegie Hall in NewYawkCity.  They promise
lumberjacks, etc.  This goes on tour to some cities in the US this summer. Bought
these tickets months ago so have the 4th Row Orchestra!
I hope this is as good as seeing Monty at NYC's Civic Center 
<dtml-more-years-ago-than-I'd-like-to-admit>.  John Cleese
stepped on my foot whilst selling albatrosses (?) at that one.  But I digress...

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