Jeff Sasmor writes:
 > I have two ZCatalog searches on the same page (in the same DTML method). Each
 > has different fields so they have different numbers of results displayed in two 
 > This works just fine.
 > What's wierd is that the 'batch_size' code interacts between the two ....
You must understand, how batching works:

  "sequence-query" is the query string with any "query_start"
  parameter removed.
  A "dtml-in" uses the "query_start" parameter to decide
  where to start displaying the sequence (if not told
  otherwise with a "start=" argument.

  If you have several "dtml-in" on the same page, you
  need several start parameters, one for each "dtml-in".
  You can use the "dtml-in" argument "start" to tell
  it which variable should be used.
  The only remaining thing is to get a query string
  from QUERY_STRING that no longer contains unwanted
  "start=..." Elements. That is a task for a small
  external method.


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