On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Wilkinson Charlie E wrote:

> ...but you already knew that didn't you?
> First, an apology for previously sending MIME/html crap to
> the list, even after being told about it and after I thought
> I had it turned off, and another apology for this OT message
> while I'm at it.
> I think I've got it now.  Using OL2k(CW) here, and I had set
> "plain text" everywhere I could find to set it.  After
> visiting the Zope mailing list archives today, I was alarmed
> to find that I was *still* sending out MIME/html attachments.
> (A hearty thanks to the list members for not beating me up
> about this.)  I checked the messages in my Sent box and these
> very same MIME/html attachement messages were listed as
> having been sent in plain text.  Grrr...
> After much bitching, whining and research, I stumbled across
> what is possibly a fix.  It seems that OL2k requires Outlook
> Express for some of its functionality, especially some aspects
> of handling SMTP (Internet) e-mail.  I've never used OE for
> anything (on purpose), but I fired it up and checked the
> format for sending messages.  It was set to html.  It's now
> set to plain text.  So maybe, just *maybe* its fixed now.
> (If it's not, then I've got some more bitching and whining
> to do...)
> I'm hoping this info might help anyone else here who may be
> having this problem.
> Sorry,
>       Charlie

This one still seems to have an HTML attachment as well :(. I don't think
most people notice since Outlook does actually do the right thing and sent
a plain text version and an HTML version, as a result I never see the HTML
version (unless I go looking).

(Oh by right thing I mean per MIME spec, not right thing overall since they
end up chewing twice as much bandwidth, disk space etc etc).

Sorry I can't offer any hints on how to fix it (except to ssh to a linux box
and use mutt ;).



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