On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:46:06 -0700, Jim Flanagan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>In trying to fix a problem with Zope httpd server sockets getting wedged in 
>TIME_WAIT state, I set my system clock ahead by a year, then set it back. 
>Unfortunately, connections to the Zope httpd server occurred while the 
>clock was set in the future, and now when I try to start Zope, it dies with:
>DatabaseError: The database contains records, starting at position 
>189587919, that have time stamps 2540023.19965 seconds in the future. This 
>could lead to database corruption.  Please double check your system clock!
>I'm using a pre-2.0 version of Zope (Though I can't determin exacly which 

That probably means you are using ZODB2, yes? (please say yes; ZODB3
should be immune to this problem). If so, there used to be a tool to
correct the timestamps... you should be able to find it in the utils
directory in the Zope 1 CVS

>Is there any way to correct insane timestamp values? I'm pretty much dead 
>in the water.
>Alternatively, I have found the section in BoboPOS.py where this exception 
>is generated. Is it really a problem to have future timestamps? What if I 
>just snipped this portion of the code out?

Toby Dickenson

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