I'm working on a Client / Server game.  My plan is to write the Game
code on the server (and some on the client) in Python and use Zope as
the persistent database solution and interface to the server.  The game
objects will probably be based on C++ objects and I was considering
using SOAP as the transport for all non-high traffic messages between
the server and the client (high volume messages will probably have to go
UDP).  For UI I was thinking of DHTML with a Windows application
using IE 5.5 embedded in it.

This is a high level look at what I was considering and I am looking for
advice and opinions - especially in regards to Zope or other
alternatives.  I know the magnatude of the project - I do have some
others to help, but I am the only one with actual game development

The game code WILL be Open Source and is primarily to teach myself and
others some new technology with a intereasting purpose.
Thanks in advance,
David Stidolph
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