Hi Everyone,
Just need someone to put me straight here. When I use Select statements in 
an SQL Method I cannot simply :

Select Column1, Column2 etc
from TableA.

Instead I must use the AS statement ie

Select Column1 AS Column1, Column2 AS Column2
from TableA.

Is this just an oddity with the MySQLDA/Db adapters or am I overlooking 
something blatantly obvious here? All the examples on zope.org don't have 
the extra "AS Column1" additions on them and I was wondering if this is a 
Zope/mySQL-unique thing.

I'm using Zope (2.1.6) with MySQL (3.22.32) with Zope MySQL Database 
Adapter (ZMySQLDA) 2.0.0a1 and
MySQLdb module release: 0.2.2 .

Could someone please let me know as I don't want to have to type the extra 
bits on all my SQL statements from here on in if I don't need to (I am the 
world's worst and laziest typist). If it is the case that it's a necessary 
evil, then I want to put a HowTo or Tip up on zope.org because it took me a 
while to figure out what I was doing wrong, and if I can save someone else 
that same wasted time then I would like to. However I wanted to get my 
facts straight (via all you experts) first.

Thanks for any help...

  - Michael
Michael Blewett
Computer Support Mgr - Biological Sciences
Monash University (Clayton Campus)
Victoria Australia 3168

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