On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> It's a great idea but I've had some thoughts on this myself.  I think
> the approach I would take is to create a ZClass.  Content authors would

Oooh, I like that idea a lot. Solves lots of problems, most notably the
hackery I currently do with the searching stuff: The search results come
up with urls like http://www.vistasource.com/body, which ain't right, so I
do a bunch of munging to make the urls right.

Also sounds like work, but hey, I suppose it's about time I earn that
salary... =)

> fundamental changes more easily. Have you learned about property sheets
> yet?  They are the key to success with ZClasses.

Nope, where shall I go to read the fine manual on those?

> visits /home/lowres/content/index_html, they get the lowres style.

(I understand this now, modulo the other post from Jeff.)

Yeah, this is the part of acquisition that I _get_, but just shy away
from for some reason. I need to get over that, because this is probably
one of the coolest things about acquisition.

> Zope is like a collection of Legos (TM): you're given a bunch of blocks
> and some instructions on how to build some specific models, but
> encouraged to explore putting them together in new ways.  Have you
> heard of the Lego Machine Gun?  :-)

Yeah, funny you should mention it. I was just looking at the web page for
it like 2 weeks ago.

And I like the analogy. =)

Thanks so much, I hope others on the list are profiting from this exchange
as much as I am!


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