Rogerio Atem de Carvalho writes:
 > folder1
 >       |
 >       folder11
 >              |
 >              folder111
 > I have some objects in folder111 which I want to pass 
 > as parameters to a dtml method in folder1 (two levels 
 > above). I tried something like:
 > <dtml-with "PARENTS[2]">
 >  <td><dtml-var "mtdCreate(_.None, _,   
 > qry_item='par1',qry_table='par2', list_name='par3')">
 > </td></tr>
 > </dtml-with>
 > where par1 and par2 are strings and par3 is an object 
 > in folder111. mtdCreate is in folder1. it doesn't 
 > work...
You do not pass the objects "par1", "par2" and "par3"
but the literal strings 'par1', 'par2' and 'par3'.

At least for "par3", this will not be what you want.
  <dtml-with "PARENTS[2]">
   <td><dtml-var "mtdCreate(_.None, _,   
  qry_item='par1',qry_table='par2', list_name=par3)">
I.e., remove the quotes from "par3" (maybe the other "par", too).


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