I've just put together a setup file for Oracle 8.1.6. I started with
including all the libraries in Oracle's library directory and then
removed the ones that gave me errors.

It works fine except for when I present an SQL query with a syntax
error. That makes Zope crash. Anybody know why?


Kiran Jonnalagadda

baby.sh: while true; do echo "^G^G^G^G^G"; sed -e 's/food/poop/';
sync; sync; sleep 15; done

# Setup file for Oracle 8.1.6 (Tested for Linux on Intel).
# Unfortunately, the libraries needed to link Oracle change from revision
# to revision.  
# Oracle provides a make file for building "demo" programs in
# $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/demo_rdbms.mk.  I have been unable to 
# use this make file to build Python extensions. Adapting it is
# not adequate, because it may change for new Oracle revs.
# My approach is to use demo_rdbms.mk to build one of the
# demo programs, look at the libraries linked, and start from there. :-(

ORACLE_INCLUDES=$(ORACLE_HOME)/rdbms/demo -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/rdbms/public
-I$(ORACLE_HOME)/network/public -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/plsql/public

ORACLE_L=-lJNLSLib3 -lgslsg8 -lnsslb8 -lserver8 -lJNLSTool -lgslssb8 -lntcp8 \
-lsgsl_s8 -lagent8 -lgslssf8 -lntcps8 -lskgxp8 -lgx8 -lntns8 \
-lskgxpd -lnus8 -lslax8 -lclient8 -lldapclnt8 -lnzjs8 \
-lslpm -lclntsh -lmm -locijdbc8 -lsql8 -lcommon8 -ln8 -locijdbc8_g \
-lsqlplus -lcore8 -lnbeq8 -lordim8 -lsvrmgrl -lnent8 -lordim8 \
-ltrace8 -lctx8 -lnhost8 -lordsdo8 -ltracefe8 -lctxc8 -lnjni8 -lordts8 \
-ltracept8 -lctxs8 -lordvirt8 -ldbicx8 -lnl8 -lowm2 \
-lvppdc -lgeneric8 -lnldap8 -lplc8 -lvsn8 -lgslavl8 -lnls8 -lplp8 \
-lwtc8 -lgslber_s8 -lnoname8 -lpls8 -lzx8 -lgsldb8 -lnro8 -lpsa8 -lgslr8 \
-lnsgr8 -lqsmashr

$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/sscoreed.o $(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/nautab.o $(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/naeet.o
$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/naect.o $(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/naedhs.o $(ORACLE_L)


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