The subject seems to be broken, or maybe I just misunderstand something.

   Site http://sun.med.ru/pcgi2/zope.net.ru/ has some objects with ids that
contain spaces, hyphens, dots - pretty non-standard chars. In most aspects
these objects behaves good, but sometimes I have problems.

   In the root of ZODB (ZODB, not the site) I have a folder
Russian-DateTime. In the root of the site I have a header that uses the
folder: <dtml-with Russian-DateTime>.

   The root is rendred pretty fine: http://sun.med.ru/pcgi2/zope.net.ru/
But subfolders are not rendered: http://sun.med.ru/pcgi2/zope.net.ru/Zope/
   AttributeError: __call__

   This happens with all such objects. I have Image rounder.gif (dot in the
name). I have ZStyleSheet main.css. All these objects do not render in
subfolders :(

   The workaround is <dtml-with "_.getitem('Russian-DateTime')"> - with
this the site works as designed, all objects are rendered Ok.

   Anyone here can explain what is going on? Is it a bug or a feature that
I do not understand?

   Both Zope 2.1.4 and 2.2.0b3...

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