Couple of things came up trying to use the current PostgreSQL da
and zope 2.2b3.  I am working on a ZClass that lets you define
and create tables in a database, so I needed to execute some
generated sql [1].  

1) I couldn't access the query() method of the connection unless
   I added our friend

  to the DB class defined in ZPyGreSQLDA/

   Is this ok?

2) Re calling query().  The query method only returns a tuple used
   to create a Results object (which dtml-in would like).  So I
   added a method to return a real live Results object 

   def query_result(self,query_string, max_rows=9999999):
        return Results(self.query(query_string, max_rows))

   Which does what I want.  Is this ok?  Is this a good idea?

3) I went down several wrong paths until I realized that it seems
   as if dtml-methods can't return anything but strings.  Is this

4) Grumble.  I had a lot of trouble with the interaction between
   Results returning data as tuples, and dtml-in handling tuples
   of 2 differently than everything else.  Create a table with
   3 columns, everything works.  Create a table with two columns,
   things dont work.  Is there access to list() anywhere?

-- cary

[1] I know, I can hear you saying "Use ZSQLMethods" but 1) You can't subclass
    them, and b) You can't put one inside a ZClass without a dummy

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