Hi, thanks for your comment.

>Absolutely.  Apache is many times faster than Zope. (Don't know >much about 
>AOLserver, but anything with AOL..... :)

>However, Apache can't do squat compared with Zope when it comes >to dynamic content.

Not true. I have been programming using PHP and PERL, and together with Apache(DSO) 
they are quite fast. They do offer sessions tracking, authentication, database API + 
other features. It's just that due to the increasing 'hype':) on Zope and the vast 
array of features that it seems to offer, i'm sort of "attracted" by it:)

Of course if i have time, i will play ard with it and see how good it is. Problem is 
that time is not really on my side and i need to decide on my next development tool 
fast(i have yet to try out other stuff e.g. ASP, JSP, Servlet..) I heard that the 
learning curve for Zope is quite steep, plus the documentation is not(?) that 
comprehensive, compared to e.g. PHP. What are your comments though? i may be wrong 


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