Firestar wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm considering using Zope as the development tool for my next web project. However, 
>I read from a recent benchmark test (from Qube, i think) that Zope(running thru 
>Zserver?) is much SLOWER than Apache and AOLserver.  Is that true? To all Zope users 
>and 'guru's, what is yr experience using Zope?

Define slow. Slow compared to what? Doing what?

That's a ig difference between Zope and Apache and AOLServer. they don't
_do_ the stuff that Zope does.

It's like comparing a Corvette and a v10 Dodge RAM.
id the Dodge 'slow'? When compared to the vette. But does the vette do
any heavy hauling? Can it tow a boat? A Trailer? Will it haul the kids
and the dog up througt the hills?

Apache does little other than serve stati files, and take output from
cgis (or modules, same _basic_ concept). Zope actually does the work.
For some things Zope is appropriate, and where it is, it outperforms
(IME) Apache. For others, like serving static content, it is slowER than

of course, slow is all relative. I have a couple zope Servers cranking
out ~80 requests per second. Is that slow? ;)

That's ~6 Million requests/day. Cut it in half, for more complicated
tasks, and still moving along at a good clip. What's better, try Apache
doing the same things.

Does your next project invlove more than just static files sitting on a
hard drive? Chances are, you'll be better off with Zope....

Speed and Bencmarks are irrelevant when it comes to real-world
performance. :)

"Linux: the operating system with a CLUE...
Command Line User Environment".

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