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>Define slow. Slow compared to what? Doing what?

>That's a ig difference between Zope and Apache and AOLServer. 
>they don't _do_ the stuff that Zope does.

>Apache does little other than serve stati files, and take 
>output from cgis (or modules, same _basic_ concept). Zope 
>actually does the work. For some things Zope is appropriate, 
>and where it is, it outperforms (IME) Apache. For others, like 
>serving static content, it is slowER than apache.

>of course, slow is all relative. I have a couple zope Servers 
>cranking out ~80 requests per second. Is that slow? ;)

>That's ~6 Million requests/day. Cut it in half, for more 
>complicated tasks, and still moving along at a good clip. 
>What's better, try Apache doing the same things.

>Does your next project invlove more than just static files 
>sitting on a
>hard drive? Chances are, you'll be better off with Zope....

I have been programming with PHP and PERL, and they are quite fast, even when serving 
dynamic pages. Of course, they do not provide all the features of Zope, but they are 
able to handle things like sessions, authentication, database API...which is quite 
adequate for most small-to-medium websites. (although sometimes it's quite frustrating 
putting the modules together:)

>Speed and Bencmarks are irrelevant when it comes to real-world
>performance. :)

benchmark may not be accurate, but i still think that speed is still impt. Check out 
Jakob Nielsen's website and you would know that speed of serving webpages is one of 
the main usability factors. 

But then again, if Zope really is THAT good, i may be inclined to switch over and use 
it as my main development tool in future; but the speed factor is still worrying me - 
i wouldn't want my website to 'crawl' when i'm presenting it to my boss or clients:)


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