This is not a question, I think it's more a request for comment.

Problem: I have the following structure of folders. The top folder has
the global standard_html_header and acquisition has it, that it
is usable in all the subfolders. 


Now I have a small modification in my headers from SubFolder1 downwards.
Well, there are many ways to cope with that problem, I want to do it 
that ways: I want to integrate the old standard_html_header into the
new one I define in SubFolder1. Ok, that can look like this:

<load old standard_html_header>
<my addtional code>

The problem I have to solve now, is to load the old standard_html_header.

Solution: I will give you all my tries, just for fun :-))

:-(     First try:      <dtml-var standard_html_header>
        The easy way certainly doesn't work. It gives a nice error:
        "SystemError: infinite recursion in document template"
        And it shows you, that Zope really is quick. It does the 
        infinite loop in less than 30 seconds :-)))

:-(     Second try:     <dtml-var "PARENTS[1].standard_html_header">
        Well, this gives me the right object, but it isn't rendered. As
        I reviewed the list archive, I found out, that this seems to be
        normal. Maybe somebody can explain why, if he/she has 
        some sparetime.

:-(     Third try:      <dtml-var "PARENTS[1].standard_html_header(_.None,_)">
        Wow, it works! But, as the smiley implies, it has its disadvantages:
        Using it in SubFolder2 gives again an infinite recursion.
        Find out for yourselves, why ;-))

:-)     Fourth try:     <dtml-var "PARENTS[-1].standard_html_header(_.None,_)">
                or:     <dtml-var "FolderName.standard_html_header(_.None,_)">
                        if you want to use the method of a subfolder.
        That seems to be the right way. Any comments?

After the second try (my first serious one ;-) I tried the following:

<dtml-with "PARENTS[-1]">
   <dtml-var standard_html_header>

but this has the disadvantage, that standard_html_header uses the namespace
of PARENTS[-1] to display things like id or title.

Maybe this should go into the FAQ?

Happy zoping,

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