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>If you want the best of both worlds, map out the images and
>large static
>files from apache's config to go to itself and forward the rest
>over PCGI to Zope (read up on mod_rewrite). This way, the
>dynamic stuff is served by zope and the static stuff is handled
>by apache, both doing what they are good at. You can add
>LocalFS to Zope to allow administration of the static files
>too. This is what PHP does, that is just a module which handles
>php files, everything else is handled by Apache. PHP itself
>isn't that fast (it doesn't even cache compiled code).

Ok, this is getting way too much for me:) Guess i will check out
on them(PCGI & LocalFS) when i have 'mastered' the basics of Zope.

>A decent 500Mhz PIII will knock out about 80 pages per second
>under Zope (~40 for complex things) but given that many sites
>where speed is important are very graphical, the ratio of a
>zope hit to an apache one is reasonable  - on the site I'm
>working on this is about 1:10 and current traffic (not yet
>under Zope) is 18Million hits per month.

Reading from the Qube website, i think they are running another benchmark
again(this time comparing Apache+PHP and AOLServer+PHP). This would give a
clearer picture on the performance of each appserver/webserver handling
dynamic content.

>If ever you run out of power (or reach the halfway point) you
>can start thinking of adding some caching or migrate to ZEO. In
>fact, if that happens, you'd be stupid not to have some sort of
>cluster - you'd have a very busy site!


Wow, somehow there seems to be so many features offered by Zope(ZEO, Zwiki,
PTK, etc...) - all these jargons; i will certainly check them out:)


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