Please would you help me to resolv this problem.
That is that some search im Database after you chose a group of letters:
<form action="anzeige_sort_kunden" method="post">
        <td width="30">&nbsp;</TD>
        <TD >alphabetisch</TD>
        <TD><SELECT NAME="alphabet" SIZE="1" TITLE="Alphabet"  STYLE="width:140">
                      <option value="alle">alle Firmen</option>
                      <option value="A_D">beginnend mit A-D</option>
                      <option value="E_H">beginnend mit E-H</option>
                          <option value="I_L">beginnend mit I-L</option>
              <option value="M_P">beginnend mit M-P</option>
              <option value="Q_T">beginnend mit Q-T</option>
              <option value="U_Z">beginnend mit U-Z</option>
I have this in web.

And in the ZMethod i have this:
select *
from iekunde
<!--#if "alphabet!='alle'" -->
where (substring(firma,1,1)=substring(<!--#var alphabet -->,1,1) or
substring(firma,1,1) > substring(<!--#var alphabet -->,1,1)) and
(substring(firma,1,1)=substring(<!--#var alphabet -->,3,1) or
substring(firma,1,1) < substring(<!--#var alphabet -->,3,1))
<!--#/if -->

And the error is this:

Error Type: Error
Error Value: Error processing select * from iekunde where
(substring(firma,1,1)=substring(UuZ,1,1) or substring(firma,1,1) >
substring(UuZ,1,1)) and (substring(firma,1,1)=substring(UuZ,3,1) or
substring(firma,1,1) < substring(UuZ,3,1)) Invalid column name 'UuZ'.
Invalid column name 'UuZ'. Invalid column name 'UuZ'. Invalid column name

That mean that the operator ">" can only compare two number.
So that my question:
How can convert  substring(UuZ,1,1) ( i mean a string) in a number im zope
So can i do:
substring(firma,1,1) > substring(UuZ,1,1)
substring(firma,1,1) < substring(UuZ,1,1))
when the two member are comparable(number)


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