I had that same error before as well.
That had nothing to do with Zope, rather Python itself. The problem was that
I had not installed TCL properly, and I reinstalled it.

But, true, your drivers must have been confused when you installed this
"shed-load" of Zope products.
Try to reinstall Python (the one with IDLE) and let the installtion use the
suggested paths for Python and TCL.

I had some "problems" with the PythonWin. After having opened a fully
functioning Python code in PythonWin, I could no longer use the following
import sys

... so I commented this out and it worked perfectly fine as before in Zope.

Cheers, Peter

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From: tom smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: [Zope] zope/python startup error

> newbie question.
> when zope starts I get the attached error dialog. Any ideas how I can fix
> this since zope is running on a remote server? It seemed to start going
> wrong after installing a shed-load of products into zope.
> cheers
> tom
> ps. to go into greater detail...
> ...I have two copies of Python...one in Zope's "lib" folder, and another
> "Program files". Do I "need" both? Are they getting their PYTHONPATHs
> up?
> Ideally I'd like just one Python, but with the IDLE editor AND the Windows
> extensions (ODBC),is this possible and how would I do it. Can I add IDLE
> ODBC to zope's python without breaking zope.

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