Andre Schubert writes:
 >  ... problem with names clashes from nested dtml-in loop ...

Your problem may be generalized:

<-- l1 and l2 are sequences -->

<dtml-in l1>
  <dtml-in l2>
    <-- here you need to access both components from both the
        inner and the outer dtml-in
        There may be a name clash between the two (implicite) loop variables
  </dtml-in l2>
</dtml-in l1>

You can use renaming to avoid any clashed.
I demonstrate it for "sequence-item".

<dtml-in l1>
  <dtml-let outer_lv=sequence-item <-- ATTENTION: calls it! -->
    <dtml-in l2>
      <dtml-var outer_lv>       <-- the outer loop value -->
      <dtml-var sequence-item>  <-- the inner loop value -->
    </dtml-in l2>
</dtml-in l1>

If you want to prevent the outer loop value to be called,
you may use "_.getitem('sequence-item')" rathen than just


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