On Thu, 06 Jul 2000, Firestar wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your comment.
> >Absolutely.  Apache is many times faster than Zope. (Don't know >much
> > about AOLserver, but anything with AOL..... :)
> >
> >However, Apache can't do squat compared with Zope when it comes >to
> > dynamic content.
> Not true. I have been programming using PHP and PERL, and together with
> Apache(DSO) they are quite fast. They do offer sessions tracking,
> authentication, database API + other features. It's just that due to the
> increasing 'hype':) on Zope and the vast array of features that it seems to
> offer, i'm sort of "attracted" by it:)
<ahem>  As I said, compared with Apache, for static content, it is slow.  
However, just like with CGI, PHP, and various other technologies, ZOPE can 
work through Apache.

As I've had to tell many of my friends, once I became a ZOPE convert, Zope 
does not allow you to do anything you can't already do, but it makes those 
things SO much easier. (o8

> Of course if i have time, i will play ard with it and see how good it is.
> Problem is that time is not really on my side and i need to decide on my
> next development tool fast(i have yet to try out other stuff e.g. ASP, JSP,
> Servlet..) I heard that the learning curve for Zope is quite steep, plus
> the documentation is not(?) that comprehensive, compared to e.g. PHP. What
> are your comments though? i may be wrong here...

Well, I find that Zope allows a MUCH quicker development cycle, along with 
various other advantages, such as remote edit of pages from any browser on 
the net.

Yes, the documentation is lacking.  However, IMHO, a competent programmer 
(especially one with a decent grasp of OO) will pick it up quickly with just 
a couple of reference documents.  (The Zope Quick Reference comes to mind :)

A friend of mine was a hardcore PHP nut, before I introduced him to Zope, and 
was amazed at how simple it made work.  I think the thing that slowed his 
learning of zope the most was often expecting solutions to problems to be 

> regards,
> firestar
By all means, try it out.  And when you're done, tell us what you think.  
What you like, where you think other technologies win out, and why.  Zope is 
developing quickly, and the features are easy to add because of the open 
nature of the project, and the whole product system.

Have a better one,
        Curtis Maloney

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