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> Of course if i have time, i will play ard with it and see how good it is.
> Problem is that time is not really on my side and i need to decide on my
> next development tool fast(i have yet to try out other stuff e.g. ASP,
> JSP, Servlet..) I heard that the learning curve for Zope is quite steep,
> plus the documentation is not(?) that comprehensive, compared to e.g.
> PHP. What are your comments though? i may be wrong here...

Of course, the PHP book I have is really nice, phplib is a godsend too,
but I've tried it and I'm here now.

If you take the time to go beyond the "i will do it with external method
in python because that's all I know" stage, you will find at home sooner
or later depending on wether:

 - you already know python (I did)
 - you understand the difference between <dtml-var pippo> and <dtml-var "pippo">
 - you understand how to wisely use REQUEST and RESPONSE
 - you don't need complex new products or zclasses
 - you post any doubt here (nice place isn't it?)
 - you give a deep read at the ZSQL documentation
 - you can apply full-time (I couldn't)

given that, most of the howtos and tips are redundant :-)

Of course I'm a newbie, but I'm a confident newbie.

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