Hi All,

Need Help.

I'm currently using SQLSession v 0.2.3, with access database ( I had
changed the "value" filed in session_data to item_value and also all sql
statements that refer to it).

I had no problem generate the session id, but however, I had problem
calling session object after I insert it into session_data.

I got an error when calling the <dtml-var "SESSION['xxx']">, i got this :

             Zope Error

             Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource.

             Error Type: NameError
             Error Value: upper

Traceback (innermost last):
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 214, in
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 179, in publish
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\Zope\__init__.py, line 202, in
    (Object: ElementWithAttributes)
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 165, in publish
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\ZPublisher\mapply.py, line 160, in mapply
    (Object: add_cart_html)
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\ZPublisher\Publish.py, line 102, in
    (Object: add_cart_html)
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\OFS\DTMLDocument.py, line 166, in __call__
    (Object: add_cart_html)
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\DocumentTemplate\DT_String.py, line 502, in
    (Object: add_cart_html)
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\DocumentTemplate\DT_Util.py, line 335, in
    (Object: SESSION['bk_isbn'])
    (Info: SESSION)
  File <string>, line 0, in ?
  File E:\MYBOOK~2\lib\python\DocumentTemplate\DT_Util.py, line 161, in
  File d:\mybookstore\lib\python\Products\SQLSession\SQLSession.py, line
99, in __getitem__
  File d:\mybookstore\lib\python\Products\SQLSession\SQLSession.py, line
389, in sqlattr
    (Object: NoBrains)
NameError: (see above)


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