> I am on zope 2.1.6
> In some post i saw that timezone can be changed. My timezone is India
> GMT+530. I was looking through the DateTime.py code where the
> timezones are listed.
> > > it is now giving Error:DateTimeError
> > >                  ErrorValue:UnrecognisedTimeZone

This looks like a DateTime.py problem, not a Squishdot problem.
I'm going to chuck this in the collector in hope of a response sicne I'm
sure this isn't the first time someone has reported this problem.

> I donot know python, can we add my timezone to the list given.

That may be what needs doing, but probably as a source change...

> otherwise how do i change my system settings for a timezone which is
> compatible with squishdot.

I do GMT, and haven't had any problems, but that's not going to be
useful for you as anything but a stop-gap measure.

> I am being very let down, i very much wanted it to run, as this was
> the product which pulled me out of perl and got me into zope :-(

Don't worry, it'll get fixed soon, such is the joy of Open Source :-)

> can we run cron after midnight which opens a new instance of Squishdot
> and copies all the postings to this new Squish site.

You could, but that would be a seriously oversized sledgehammer for what
is probably a very small nut...

> Please help me out, otherwise i will have to go back to perl.

I wouldn't worry about that either, Perl is coming to Zope some time

good luck,


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